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When Time = $$

Posted by Ben Lapp on Jun 3, 2019 11:30:00 AM

Structural Integrity Associates (SIA) of San Jose, California with a local branch in Huntersville, NC caters its NDE service offering to safety-critical asset integrity components at nuclear power plants. The Nuclear Industry is currently experiencing cost pressures on a global scale coupled with time-sensitive issue diagnosis and resolution requirements. Plant outages is an example of nuclear facility management that is often measured in mere minutes.

SIA received a time-sensitive request in late April 2019 to mobilize a UT system and crews to a European nuclear client by May 31, 2019 and be on the job site June 3, 2019. SIA needed to move swiftly with an order and receipt-acceptance for thirteen custom shear-wave wedges in order to perform nozzle-to-shell Ultrasonic weld examinations. SIA recently experienced long delivery times with their previous transducer supplier and opted to use Sensor Networks, Inc. (SNI) of State College, PA. This change in suppliers was based on the recommendation of their trusted local NDT sales representative.

SIA subsequently sent an RFQ and digital files of the application to SNI for a quote including lead times. On April 26th, 2019 SNI quoted 4-week delivery and an order was placed. SNI validated the wedge designs for contour (radius), wedge and skew angles. SIA approved the new wedge design and authorized the work to commence on May 2, 2019

                                                   3D Design Left3D Design Right

Being a fully integrated design-build shop, SNI can manage and support multi-faceted projects under one roof. The 13 custom wedges were successfully completed on schedule and within the projected budget.

Jason Halsey – Field NDE Engineer for SIA – was relieved to get this prompt service and was able to use the extra time for other field deployment readiness issues.

      Curved Wedge F (web)Curved Wedge All Angles (web)

“SNI is very pleased to support key customers, such as SIA, in strategically-important industrial market segments such as nuclear energy” stated Jeff Anderson – President & GM. “Our investment in vertical integration, experienced engineers & assemblers, specialized software and two 5-axis CNC milling machines give us the ability to efficiently manage these fast turn-around times.”


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