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Time-Gated Corrosion-Rate Measurement using a Non-intrusive Ultrasonic Monitoring System.

Posted by Mitch Gribi on Jan 22, 2019 10:59:45 AM

Process units such as refineries and chemical manufacturing facilities observe operational events happening on a daily, weekly, monthly, and sometimes even hourly basis that can induce pesky episodic or lasting corrosion. Perhaps an excursion or upset took place and you want to take a closer look at the integrity operating window (IOW) of that asset. Maybe a unit is being brought back online from a turnaround or maintenance activity and you want to monitor start-up conditions. Perhaps the facility is processing a new crude slate to take advantage of lower-priced, opportunity-crude feed stock.

In any of these cases, or numerous others, has the unit inspector or operations team ever asked how these events impact integrity or the structural health of the asset?

Thanks to a new software tool in Sensor Networks’ webPIMS™ data management, trending, and analysis software called, “Time-Gated Corrosion Measurement”, it has never been easier to quantify corrosion rates over a specific time period. Simply click and drag over the desired timeframe to see the corrosion rate and End-of-Life (EOL) estimation. Overlay and compare corrosion-rate data with operational data to better understand what happens during specific events or upsets in your facility. “Time-Gated Corrosion Measurement” can help improve operational efficiency and help operations, inspection, and corrosion teams be more proactive and understand the effects of events BEFORE they happen a second time. Know your unit inside and out with webPIMS’ new “Time-Gated Corrosion Measurement”.

webPIMS™ cloud-based, back-end corrosion/erosion data management software allows users to quickly and easily analyze, set alarms for, trend, map, export and report metal-loss data and rates. Request a demo below to learn more about webPIMS™ and what it can do for your trending analysis and archiving workflow.

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