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SensorScan™ UT Transducers and SNI's Vertical Integration Path

Posted by Sensor Networks, Inc on Nov 15, 2018 6:19:53 PM

“The transducer enables and/or optimizes the UT exam,” Dane Hackenberger, Senior Transducer Designer.

SNI continues its march toward a more vertically-integrated design-build transducer business for both standard and custom phased-array transducers. The end-result for our customers is shorter lead times and consistent high-quality transducers at competitive prices.

Russ Berrier manages SNI’s ceramic shop which includes a precision dicing saw that can slice & dice piezo-ceramic materials into the size and matrix requirements for almost any industrial phased-array transducer.

SensorScan UT Transducer

Kim Condrack, SNI’s Senior Transducer Assembler, performs wiring on custom “wand” probe for aircraft-engine inspections. Array lamination technologies are developed for 16, 32, 64 and 128-element PAUT probes. This investment enhances SNI’s ability to manufacture consistent, high-quality transducers in a timely fashion with improved yields. All SensorScan™ transducers come packed in a rugged little box along with their certification documents.


The end-result is that SNI can quickly (in weeks–not months) design, build, test and certify complex-geometry PAUT transducers such as this 10 MHz x 128-element array used for detection and sizing of High-Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) in refinery assets.


SensorScan™ PAUT probes can be designed to work with any manufacturers instrument. Area arrays, like the 2 x 2 x 32 element shown above can focus sound energy at varying depths and the beam can be steered in any direction to increase POD and inspection productivity. For more information or to request a demo contact Jeff Anderson, President & GM: Download the SensorScan™ Brochure below:

SensorScan Brochure

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