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Sensor Networks Inc. announces US Patent # 10,247,705 B2 issued in April 2nd, 2019

Posted by Bruce Pellegrino on May 21, 2019 1:53:51 PM

Asset Condition Monitoring SystemExactly four and half years after SNI got its start, our first patent was issued by USPTO for an ASSET-CONDITION MONITORING SYSTEM representing the core idea behind the company’s original vision.

Co-inventors and business partners Dr. James Barshinger and Bruce Pellegrino filed the patent on August 28, 2015 using Steve Driscoll of FisherBroyles® LLP of NY City as our IP attorney. 

An ultrasound sensing system for monitoring the condition or integrity of a structure, comprising at least one digital sensor interface (DSI) being mounted permanently or semi-permanently to said structure to which at least a portion of said sensors are  connected, said DSI being configured to transmit said first electrical signal and receive said second electrical signal, and to generate an A-scan signal based on said first and second electrical signals for each sensor, said DSI being configured to calculate thickness data based on said A-scan signal and having circuitry for transmitting a digital signal comprising at least said thickness data and an address corresponding to said at least one DSI. 

For a full copy of the patent, in pdf format, please contact us:

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Sensor Networks, Inc. has identified a problem in today’s world: when it comes to complex asset integrity, there are obstacles and challenges that you will face along the way. Where there are problems, innovative solutions should be created to fix them. With that basic mission in mind, Sensor Networks, Inc. was born.

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