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Don't like the cloud? Try iPIMS™—SNI's in-the-fence data management solution.

Posted by Sensor Networks, Inc on Nov 15, 2018 6:27:32 PM

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Although cloud connectivity brings with it “anywhere, anytime” accessibility, improved productivity and better cost efficiency it’s understandable that some companies and end users are concerned about their information hosted on the internet. Not to worry - Sensor Networks, Inc. has a new solution to address this concern: iPIMS™.

iPIMS™ is a secure, private, single server for data collection and storage. iPIMS™ is an “in-the-fence” data monitoring solution that is not web based and is able to provide secure in-house storage and management of all time & date-stamped UT thickness readings, their RF waveforms, temperature measurement, temp-corrected thickness and both short and long-term metal-loss calculations. iPIMS™ provides the accessibility of near-real-time monitoring whether it is by direct Modbus connection or by manual data collection via a datalogger. iPIMS™ has the full functionality of SNI’s very successful webPIMS™ data management software combined with the ability to connect to our accurate and cost-effective monitoring systems of smartPIMS® Modbus and smartPIMS datalogger, all while providing you secure readings to your control room or other select devices. No more conflicts with the IT department: iPIMS™ is a stand-alone, secure hardware & software offering.

For more information or to request a demo contact Steve Strachan at or 281.723.3178.

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