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Hi-Temp microPIMS Installed

Some like it "HOT"

Monitoring the remaining wall thickness of assets operating at high temperatures with ultrasound can be challenging. Inspectors struggle to achieve repeatable ultrasonic coupling while obtaining stable thickness readings at the same location. Sensor Networks’ Ultra-High-Temperature probes are capable of continuous coupling and operation at surface temperatures up to 932°F (500°C), making thickness monitoring issues of accuracy and repeatability a thing of the past.

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Buried Pipe Sensors

Can You Dig It?

Transmission and distribution pipelines across the world are subject to problematic situations of general or localized erosion and corrosion. In many cases, owner/operators are taking a proactive approach to asset integrity monitoring using permanently installed ultrasonic sensors in strategic locations after in-line inspections (ILI). In response to new US regulations imposed by PHMSA and DOT around the need for continuous monitoring between inspections, many asset owners are leaving sensors behind after a direct assessment in order to benefit from added surveillance locations. Whichever the case, see examples of how some owner/operators are taking integrity monitoring to the next level to protect these valuable assets. 

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smartPIMS Refinery

Refinery Mechanical Integrity at Your Fingertips

In the United States, since the advent of OSHA’s 1910.119 Process Safety Management regulations, applicable facilities are required to measure and manage accordingly. Utilizing installed ultrasound sensors in chemical processing or refining facilities enables multiple groups within the facility to use near-real-time wall thickness data to monitor critical piping, tanks, vessels, etc. which have potentially severe metal loss issues due to corrosion and/or erosion. The user can be alerted of situations of wall-loss trends to determine if a system requires being taken off-line, process parameters modified or can be safely used until the next scheduled maintenance interval/plant turnaround.

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Behind the Scenes

In this video, we take you behind the scenes of Sensor Networks and show you how our team designs, manufactures and builds a custom phased-array transducer. This process involves many complicated steps and we've got the team to pull it off!

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Standard and Custom Transducer Catalog

Hot Off the Press!

The newest edition of our Standard and Custom Ultrasonic Transducers catalog is here! This catalog features a highly expanded phased array section including case diagrams and dimensions for all standard arrays. We have also combined our standard transducer products with our custom applications engineering capabilities. Download a searchable PDF version or request to have them shipped right to your door!

Standard and Custom Ultrasonic Transducer Catalog

Asset Integrity in oil and gas refineries

Zero to Ninety-two Elements in Under One Week

The asset integrity business can occasionally come with some pretty hefty demands. When a customer called us in a safety-critical situation, we had to act fast. Our investment in people and processes to become vertically integrated allowed us to take this challenge head-on. We understand the serious nature of asset integrity and knew we could provide a speedy solution. Read the full story at the link below.

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Remote Visual Inspection
PTZx Remote Visual Inspection Camera

Zoom Zoom

Visual inspection of the O.D. surface of pipes to monitor for corrosion is not always as easy as it sounds. And pipe supports have long caused problems with inspection and protection solutions against corrosion. The PTZx helps simplify and enhance the inspection of difficult areas by providing zoom power. Take a look at this case study to see its capabilities in action.

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Off the Shelf

Our JAWS 2.0TM inspection and retrieval system is now available off the shelf! These sleek units feature a motorized retrieval tool, HDTV camera, and LED lights. The first of its kind! Whether you need the basic kit or the ultimate kit, featuring additional tools and functionality, you can have it by tomorrow with next day delivery!

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